Eating Right "Natural food is the key to life - the source of good health and energy. At Doctors Naturae, our Nutrition experts have done all the groundwork and can show you how eating right is in fact, all in good taste."


Dan Tisi, Dietitian

Nutritional Programs

The integration of Nutrition as a core principle in our clinic is unique to Doctors Naturae. Our Nutritionists are highly experienced with a wide range of credentials that they apply daily in recommending realistic approaches to nutrition and building a healthy lifestyle.

We provide a number of nutrition programs including FirstLine™ therapy, meal planning and diet advice. We will advise you on how to prepare healthy meals to inspire what you can do at home. We frequently offer on-site seminars on nutrition and other topics related to balanced living.

Check out our Nutrition Programs and Fees for full details about our nutritional programs.

   Upcoming Healthy Seminars


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