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Learn all about the basics of natural nutrition with our 8-Week Natural Nutrition Makeover series!  Each week, over a nice cup of tea, our holistic nutritionists will guide you through different topics that will help you implement or maintain a healthy & nutritious lifestyle.

Each 30 minute presentation has a specific topic or theme and is conducted in a small group setting.

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Week 1: A Fresh Start
Learn what to look for when grocery shopping and what to avoid.  We also cover nutrition label reading and have lots of examples for you!

Week 2: Meal Planning 101
In this session we show you how easy meal planning can be...from one week to one month.  Planning is a big part of maintaining a healthy eating regime!

Week 3: The Power of Protein
What are proteins and why do we need them?  We cover the important role of protein and you’ll learn just how much you need on a daily basis.  You may even get the chance to sample a delicious natural protein bar!

Week 4: Carbs Craze
There’s a lot of talk about carbohydrates.  Are they good or bad?  What types do we include in our diet and which do we avoid?  We will help demystify these and other crazy carb questions.

Week 5: Life is Rough ~ Fibre and your Health
Many of us do not realize how important fibre really is.  Our nutritionists will tell you all about the different forms of fibre and how to reach your daily needs.

Week 6: The Fats of Life
In this session, we give you the skinny on fats!  You’ll discover which sources to include more of in your diet and why they’re so great.  We’ll also discuss hydrogenated and saturated fats.

Week 7: Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
Vitamins and minerals are so critical for optimal health, but where can we find them in our foods?  Our nutritionists will help you understand their role and whether or not you need to supplement.

Week 8: Smart Strategies for Maintenance
In our closing session, we discuss “good bacteria” (i.e. probiotics) and why supplementing may be a good idea.  And before you go, we’ll provide strategies for maintaining your “new” healthy lifestyle!



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